Saturday, 21 January 2017

"What was the highlight of 2016 for Llandrindod Wells?"

Many businesses are at the heart of the Llandrindod Wells community and so it's important to understand their opinion on the town

I recently asked some of the towns' business owners what they think the highlight of 2016 was for Llandrindod Wells. 

Junk n Disorderly: "2016 was a great year for Llandrindod Wells simply because of the good, positive vibes around the town. There were a number of new business and new ideas that came about in 2016 and they've done wonders for the community atmosphere."

Junk n Disorderly

J&M's Emporium: "The Christmas #latenightllandod was a real highlight for us. It was great to see everyone and all the business owners come together to create something special for the community!"

Jude Boutle, Llandrindod Town Champion: "What really pleased me about 2016 was the obvious change in attitude of the townsfolk. I ended the year feeling pleased and encouraged that people have started to really work together to make Llandrindod Wells an even better place."

Van's Good Food Shop: "The Radnor Fringe Festival was a really exciting event for the town with a variety of things happening. Also the Refugee Concert was great as it attracted lots of different people from within the community."

KDM Local Newsagents, Stationers, Game Store: "2016 was a great year for the town. In my opinion, it saw the rebirth of 'community' in a lot of ways. From lots of smaller groups of people joining together, to townsfolk getting behind larger events like the 2day trials, the Christmas Fayre and the Late Night Opening. One of the highlights for me has be the rise and continued growth of Llandrindod Pomarium Community Orchard, this has been truly joyous. My boys love it there. The bees, the flowers and the fruit growing and being shared and the outdoor events they are hosting. Definitely the highlight of 2016 for me!"

Radnor Travel Service Ltd: "The real highlight was how the businesses and community started to come together; especially at the Late Night Opening events. It was the best positive spirit I have known in the town during my 18 years of trading! I also loved the Xmas decorations and how people of Llandrindod were proud of living here. Although I live 20 miles away, I am so proud of working in Llandrindod and therefore love showing it off through my photography."

One of Laura's lovely photographs

Arvon Ales: "One highlight has got to be the brilliant Radnor Fringe Festival - seeing people of all ages smiling and enjoying the entertainment. Another highlight was an evening with Sam Lee at Rock Park (organised by the Radnor Fringe). This was a truly magical night sitting on straw bales and ending with an evening walk home and seeing the park being lit up with glow worms. I also loved how the town traders came together to bring the Late Night Opening at Christmas."

Radnor Fringe Festival - a real family friendly community event
Happy Home Gift Company: "2016 was a fantastic year for the town and working together with the other traders to bring forward events like the #latenightllandod was a real highlight. I also loved the positivity within the town and hearing so many positive comments. For example during the late night Christmas opening, loads of people in the community commented how lovely the town was with all the Christmas lighting and the real friendly community atmosphere. It's nice for people to look at Llandrindod now and see a town that has a thriving community and isn't looked down upon. We can only continue to build from here so we must look forward to what the exciting future may bring!"

Happy Home Gift Company
Of course there are always those with negative voices but we can all work together as a strong community to eradicate this opinion and prove to these people that the old Victorian Spa town of Llandrindod Wells can be a successful town in the 21st Century! 

Now as 2017 has well and truly begun; I hope we can all look forward to another successful year for Llandrindod Wells. 

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