Friday, 10 February 2017

Take 2 // Happy Home Gift Company

Regular readers of this community blog all about life in Llandrindod Wells will probably remember there was a post all about the wonderful shop that is Happy Home Gift Company last year. Now with 2017 in full swing, it's time to tell you all about what this little haven has in store for you all! Recently, I met with Gemma Staton (co-founder of Happy Home alongside John Knill) and here's some of the exciting things she had to tell me.
When Happy Home first opened, the idea was for it to be a gift shop which offered a few unique services. Take a look at last years' blog post to get an idea about some of the items they sell. In 2016 Gemma and John offered a number of services to the community such as key cutting, picture framing and t-shirt printing.
key cutting
This meant during 2016 Happy Home was a hive of activity. Alongside this the shop itself also underwent some building work. You'll see a difference downstairs now compared to last year and there is some very good reasoning behind this which I will reveal a little bit later in the blog post.
Happy Home also celebrated their first birthday in 2016!

In May 2016, Happy Home started offering engraving as one of their services to the community. This ensures they are definetly providing people with something unique and special besides selling a range of gorgeous gifts.
In the new year, this has expanded further as they are now able to offer engraving onto all sorts of items. Keyrings and trophy placs are just examples but they can do engraving onto any metal
some engraving examples
But that's not all! These engravings can also be personalised with a photograph or your own design. All you have to do is email the photo or provide them with a digital copy and this can be engraved onto any metal item of your choice; even onto any metal items that you bring in!

This engraving service is steadily growing with lots more people becoming aware of this unique service provided here in the community. The most popular so far is the keyring engraving. 

At the end of August/early September 2016, Happy Home updated their printing range. Now they are able to print on a range of items such as mugs, phone cases, cushion covers, tote bags and lots more. 

This printing service has been well received with Happy Home working in partnership with many groups in the community. Before the Summer holidays, the company collaborated with Llandrindod High School to produce the winning design from the annual Enterprise Challenge which linked in with the theme of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The products were available to buy with the profits going back to the school. 

Rio Olympics window display, showcasing some work of pupils at Llandrindod High School

certificates and profits going to Llandrindod High School

In October to tie in with the new town branding and the "Llandrindod Wellness" initiative Happy Home printed a range of mugs featuring the town branding logo and slogans.

Llandrindod Wellness themed prints

Another personalised item which was received well over the festive period were the children's Santa sacks. These were particular popular during the series of late night Christmas openings during December which was a fabulous community event.
personalised Santa sacks
If you have a particular design you wish to be printed, as with the engraving all you need to do is provide Happy Home with an electronic copy and then you can sit back and wait for the magic to happen! This way, this service can very personalised and unique to your needs.

Nevertheless; these printed items do not have to personalised if you don't wish them to be and Happy Home have numerous designs for you to choose from. Their design book is expanding and this service is going from strength to strength so why don't you go and test it out for yourself!

I'm very lucky to say; whilst I visited the lovely shop, I had the privilege of having a sneak peek at the company's all new website. Happy Home Gift Company hope to be online by the Summer and will distribute nationally. How exciting is this!!
...which leads me on nicely to the physical changes you will see in the shop downstairs. The floor space of the shop is visibly smaller but this is no negative thing. It just means Happy Home have more space out the back for their office and their online distribution area which will in turn allow them to grow and become even more successful! 

As well as all of this Happy Home Gift Company are continuing to sell loads and loads and loads of funky and lovely gifts inside the store with many new products being added throughout the year. Take a look at these pictures below to get an idea of what's instore for you when you take a trip to Happy Home after being inspired by this blog post. 

It really is so important to shop local and support all your local businesses in the community. It is so easy to do that in Llandrindod Wells with shops like Happy Home Gift Company. Happy Home continue to thrive in this town and I look forward to seeing their continual growth this year and wish them the best of luck with the launch of their website!
this wordle art can also be personalised to your needs

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