Running Events

Being active and healthy is increasingly becoming an important part of the Llandrindod Wells community. This is highlighted by the Llandrindod Wellness movement with the launch of the 1km Wellness route around Llandrindod Wells Lake. 

People and families out cycling, walking and running is a familiar sight throughout the town. The ladies social running group 'Just Move' with almost 100 signed up members shows the community's commitment to their health. The local Llandrindod Wells Leisure Centre is open to the public for swimming and numerous fitness classes which many members of the community ultilise. 

I have been drawing on this active fitness movement environment within the town. 

First off, through the launch of the #llandrindodlife Children's Running Group which meets every Wednesday 4-5pm at the Lake.  I want to help children discover their love for running like I did when I was younger. I love running alongside the children as they are so enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. 

I have also organised some #llandrindodlife social runs which take in some of beautiful scenery around the town. I know there are lots of runners in the community and it's great to see local club runners out training. I love to share my knowledge of running and experience in the sport with the community
View the first #llandrindodlife social run GoPro footage

Everyone and anyone are welcome to come along to these social runs and I look forward to helping to get even more of the community running. 
The #llandrindodlife social runs organised so far have been successful, especially the Boxing Day Social Run which attracted about 20 people all wanting to come along and burn off some of their Christmas calories in a friendly environment!

These social runs are completely free but donations towards my running career are gratefully accepted. (Look out for the yellow donation box)

A big thank you to 9bar for the sponsorship of these community social runs which enable every runner to enjoy a yummy and well-deserved bar at the completion of the run.

In 2017 there will be more community social runs and even some community running workshops and training sessions. Keep an eye on the llandrindodlife Facebook page to stay up to date with what's happening!  

I also offer #llandrindodlife One to One training sessions for those people in the community that wish to have a little help with their running training or just wanting to get more fit and active. Please get in contact if you want to become a part of this. 

  Llandrindod Wells - the future of the town is in our hands. I look forward to working with all of you in the local community to enhance #llandrindodlife